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Best premium themes, plugins and host are worthless if your site is invisible on search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo

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No matter if you have a beautifully rendered website or a stunning portfolio you 
won’t get very far if you’re lacking sufficient SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 
Google processes billions of searches every day and the vast majority of searchers never look beyond the first page. Do you know where your company ranks?


SEO is the process in which it improves the traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing via organic or algorithmic search results in search engines. 
The higher a website appears in search results, the higher the number of visitors the page will receive from the search engine. 
There are several methods to improve your pages ranking without submitting to the paid schemes offered by search engines.

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Google Ads = no rank

If you believe: “if i pay to Google and by purchasing ads through their Adwords program, magically my website will a rank or rank better, in the organic search results” – you are wrong. 
It’s not true because you buy/pay Google Adwords and it will not improve your SEO. I will add “amen to that”. Why? Simple, big companies can pay more than me and you. They prohibit monopoly. The end!

SEO is not a magic

There is no magic in SEO, only hard work and investment.
Think of SEO as a 401k approach versus a roulette approach. Your efforts will compound over time and gradually deliver greater returns the longer you do it.
You want a number one ranking in Google search engine results pages (SERPs), your friend wants it, your competitors want it, and so on. 
Getting that coveted spot, however, isn’t a quick, easy or guaranteed. This is the reason why every good SEO company works in yearly sessions.

Web4Sync Forum
Web4Sync Forum

Improve your SEO

No matter if you have a beautifully rendered website or a stunning portfolio you won’t get very far if you’re lacking sufficient SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 
The thing is, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are objective when it comes down to things like sitemaps, alt tags, and keywords – just to name a few. 
Understanding the terminology isn’t really that important, but understanding how to improve your SEO is.

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The Results are Low Cost - In Comparison to Adwords and PPC

Organic listings are essentially free. When you are listed at the top, you need not to pay per click or allocate a budget for advertising, one of the main benefits of SEO is that it is the gift that keeps on giving. With a little of effort (and some money up front to pay for SEO costs), you can watch your website get consistent traffic. You don’t have to pay $10 for every person who clicks on your ad. Unlike paid ads, your traffic will not drop to anything when it stops. SEO gets rid of the need to have thousands of ads across the web.

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Your Competitors Are Doing It - You know this, right ?

SEO is a rising field, and it is gaining ground. More people realize that the benefits of SEO are extremely high. Your competitors know this and are taking advantage of it. If your competitors are using it, then they will appear before you on Google and get all those hits that can lead to sales before your website will. Even if your site offers better services or prices. Hiring a better SEO company or investing in a skilled SEO Staff could be exactly what your company needs to rank above your competitors in the Google rankings.

SEO service

SEO process

Our SEO process is grounded in best practice and what works, long-term and only long-term. Organic SEO is not a quick fix, 1-week set-up, but using tried and tested methods we that have a real impact on the revenue and profitability of your website/business.


Consultation: First, we’ll listen to you and understand your business, your selling points and the problems you have. Consultation is the cornerstone, the most important part of SEO service!

Website audit

Website audit: An in-depth website analysis to discover any issues which could be a barrier to an optimal search performance. These include technical, content and backlinks issues. We can either fix these issues ourselves.

Search engine

A continual process of optimization and refinement of all on-site factors. We do not use tools; we do all by human research to measure and analyze the impact of our changes to your website on your search engine rankings and then use this feedback for further improvements.

Website - Keyword

Keyword Research: The keyword discovery phase determines the best non-brand terms to optimize your website to capture the most relevant traffic likely to turn into customers. More customers = More money!


We’ll research your main competitor’s website who already have a high rank for the keywords you want to target and reverse engineer their website, its content and SEO strategy. We want to know why they rank where they do and what we need to do to outrank them.

SEO Strategy

Based on our research we will create a strategy to produce a regular flow of quality, relevant and shareable on-site content. Google Analytics will monitor all our work, Alexa rank and Google rank.

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Every SEO company has something to say and so we have. Don’t pay service what will never turn back something. SEO is an investment. We do not sell stories for baby’s; we are not magicians; we are hard workers with knowledge. Our service have all SEO puzzle block! Ok, but what I can get from your service?

Complete site audit

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SEO - website traffic

GEO Targeting – for example; you sell laptops in the USA, for good SEO rank you need to calculate; how many visitors you want to have per day and from this number of a visitor an 85% need to be from the USA. This 85% of visitors need to use 65%-75% mobile, 30%-20% desktop/laptop or tablet(10%-20%). But don’t worry about that, we do all calculations for you. Google is not stupid, don’t forget that.

SEO service

Backlink service

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Most frequent questions and answers

100% yes. We are a white hat service and as safe as any service can be.

What Google will do, no one can know in advance. Our service is “update proof service”, we follow Google updates and we make our service up to date.
Our service is constantly tested and we make all the necessary research, our methods changing constantly to be up to date.

Yes. We guarantee that our SEO experts will put all their efforts into an increase in the SERPs for your site.
Remember, there is no SEO provider who can make firm ranking guarantee.

Absolutely. This is part of our job!

No contract, no extra setup fee of any kind and you can cancel whenever you like to.
If you cancel our service, all links stay in place.

Save your money and time, you do not have to look around; you do not have to spend your money, our forum has it all! If we do not have what you need someone will share it sooner or later! Web4Sync forum has shared more than $10.000,00 in content for web development!

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