Our solution is simple. Join Web4Sync forum and enjoy all premium content for free. W4S is a must have forum for web designers, graphics designers, templates/scripts addicts,3D animation gurus, SEO buffs or even photographers. Does not matter if you are a professional, student or a hobbyist.

Free Content

Using premium themes/plugins for CMS downloaded from the suspicious website is always dangerous for website security. You never know who upload the theme/plugin, you never know if this theme/plugin has a little piece of code(backdoor) posted by the uploader. Never use themes/plugins downloaded from the untrusted source

Premium content

Forums / Websites where customer needs to pay for a membership or VIP membership, trust me they have a reason. Premium content has to protect from leeches, protect from malware and the best part is: staff members check posted content and you can be 100% sure that all downloaded premium content is original, it’s the same content downloaded from author page.


How much cost 1 premium WordPress theme?
1 good and nice premium WordPress theme cost from $45 to $500. All premium themes have a license for 1 website only and cost of the theme is from $45 to $145…
How much cost a web developer?
If decide to pay a web designer/web developer, price can be high. One good and nice WordPress theme created especially for your need/niche can cost from $800 (simple website) to $5000 (complex WooCommerce web shop).
Pay a developer for theme installation?
Basically, that is not a good idea at all. You will pay $60 for 1 theme, installation can cost you from $50—$100. After all work, You will have only a demo website. This is a trap for many people who want to create a website “by my own”.
Avoid cheap web development
If you go the cheapest route, and you are unhappy, it will cost you more to have the work redone than it would have to get it done right the first time.
We offer a solution
Our solution is simple. Join to our forum and enjoy all premium content for free. When you become our member, W4S will resolve all web design problem. Our members have unlimited downloads per day. How to maintain ratio? We don’t have a ratio system, the user can download all our shared content via direct links with password protection.
How to maintain my membership? All Web4Sync users need to respect our rules like on any other forum / community, all what we ask is themes and plugins share to our forum! Well, I don’t have content to share; I am a newbie, what now? No problem at all, just contact staff and we will help you with content to share.

We learn our lesson

Web4sync forum was open to a public and was free. After the 6-month forum was full of lechers, scammers and malware. The solution was: clean forum from all negative issues, and make Web4sync VIP forum closed for public. The result is: we have a great 7 years old community full of premium content for CMS. The forum is over 6 years under Web4sync.com domain.
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Download WordPress premium themes and plugins for free. Learn more about web design and how to create WordPress site and WooCommerce shop, order best SEO and backlinks service, rank your site high on all browsers!
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